Gain new patients, STAT!


PatientSTAT provides medical marketing services which produce a stream and strategy for gaining new patients.

Giving the patient what they need is at the forefront of any good doctor, practice and medical marketing service. We enable trouble-free access to you and your practice with clean designs and precise marketing, allowing people to get what they need quickly and happily. Our solutions educate your patients, which saves the doctors’ time explaining services and enabling them to give more time to each patient.
With 2 decades of experience, we have proven over and over, that what we do is very effective. With your return on your investment readily recouped then immediately making you money, the fact is your patient base will continue to grow and bring a much larger value to your practice over the years.

We will only represent one service per local area.


A strong Internet and technology presence begins with your Website. We will review what you have and discuss ownership of all your assets. Together we determine your needs to move forward, whether it be with what you currently have, recommended changes and/or site redesign.

Next we recommend to make sure your business and professional profiles (via Business Profiles) are properly represented in all relevant mediums. Most doctors and practices have a small amount of their profiles and listings claimed and customized; very few have submitted their practice to many industry and major Internet channels.

Although, your website can bring in new patients, nothing performs as fast and effective as Pay-Per-Click (PPC). PPC is one of the top and immediate return on your investment.

There are a variety of ways to ensure the growth of your practice while continuing to inform the public of all that you offer. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services provide links, fresh and current content to your site, and improvement of our offered marketing services. SEO increases the strength and effectiveness of your site, which results in improvement of our other offered marketing services. Additionally, SEO can provide content for your eblasts and social media accounts. All this will provide a position of strength, profitability, and longevity.


Website :

Our medical websites yield 2-3 new patients a week and 1-3 leads per day.*
*new domains are expected to take longer to monetize. To expedite results we recommend our Marketing Packages.

Business Profile :

Your practice will have a commanding presence living in various areas on the Internet and accompanying technologies…from websites…to maps…to apps.


You start seeing results days after the launch and will take 1 month to optimize performance. Our clients experience 5-10x returns*
*results are based on properly designed site, business citations, proper SEO and clients’ ability to handle the leads.


Increase strength and effectiveness for PPC campaigns and search results. Provides support to your eBlast and social media.
Everything we provide you, should be considered an asset. When the day comes to sell your practice, it will add significant value to your business.

Marketing Budget

Many businesses have failed because they were unwilling to properly budget for marketing activity. Companies can grow to a certain point via word of mouth, but after they hit a certain size threshold, they will stall.
As a general rule of thumb, companies should spend around 6-12% of their total revenue on marketing to maintain their current position. Companies looking to grow or gain greater market share or staring a new, should budget a higher percentage—usually around 12-20%.

Caveat: These rules of thumb are based on businesses that average at least six-figure revenue numbers. Companies with smaller margins should allocate a percentage of their net revenue based on estimates of what competitors are spending. (And yes, they will have to guesstimate roughly at best. Competitors rarely share this information openly.)

These numbers will be out of the comfort zone for a number of businesses. Keep in mind that the total budget calculated by these rules of thumb covers all marketing expenses: The cost of marketing staff and their overhead as well as the cost of printing, advertising, and outsourced talent is included.