Business Profiles

What are Business Profiles? a.k.a. business listings, business citations

These are places where your practice, company and/or professional profile is mentioned on other websites and various places found on the Internet, GPS devices and mobile applications.

At PatientSTAT, we prepare images, collect and create text enabling us to thoroughly submit your business, professional background and/or website information to all pertinent Internet properties.

What We Include :

    Account set-up/claim/unification including:
  • Business Listings: Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines
  • Social Sites: Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Portal Sites: RateMds, Vitals, HealthGrades & Yelp
  • Maps to Apps: Google Maps and countless Internet entities

We rise by lifting others.

J. Mark Winger

Owner, Patient STAT

We will only represent one service per local area.


Your practice will have a commanding presence living in various areas on the Internet and accompanying technologies…from websites…to maps…to apps.

These profiles will increase your professionalism, exposure and probability of being contacted by potential patients.

Do It Yourself?

Have you asked your staff to set-up your online accounts? Why doesn’t it get done?

First, one needs to know what sites to visit. Next, for every site they find, they have to figure out how to use it, what they need, and what hoops to jump through. Invariably people get to something and they do not have the proper information and/or sized images prepared. Frustration sets in, they put it on pause or walk away. Possibly later they will try again, only to find themselves at the same frustrating place they ended up in the first time.


Result: Only pieces getting done at best.

PatientSTAT has a full understanding of what is needed. We know what sites are worth doing and how they work.

We have everything coordinated and prepared in advance so all information and accounts can be verified. It can be a time consuming task to verify by email, text, phone and even snail mail. Additionally, everything must be tracked and followed up on in order to complete each and every process.

Save yourself and your team from frustration. Let us make the complicated easy for you.