Medical SEO

Our SEO services work to bring you and/or your practice to top placement in search engines for your services in your area. It’s all about real estate. The better position you have for any of the specialties or services you offer, the higher the chances of you being able to talk to a patient. SEO takes time but the benefits continue long after you discontinue our service. For optimal results, we recommending you pairing this service with our Pay-Per-Click service¬† as it will expedite the ability to pay for themselves and bring in income. The goal is to dominate the search results in your area for the services you offer.

What We Include :

  • Link Building – We work diligently acquiring links to your site
  • Link/Blog Reporting – When your blogs and links go live, we provide details of success
  • Blog Posting – We create/collect content, find images and create posts for offsite blogs
  • Site Posts – We create/collect content, find images and create posts on your site
  • Cross Linking – For all posts, keyphrase rich links are created and placed strategically on your website
  • Content Syndication – The content we create/collect are provided for desired use on social media and eBlasts

We rise by lifting others.

J. Mark Winger

Owner, Patient STAT

We will only represent one service per local area.


Happier Patients :

Business is business but giving the patient what they need is at the forefront of any good doctor and practice. We enable trouble-free access to your practice with clean designs and precise marketing enabling people to get what the need quickly and painlessly.
Our pages educate your patients which saves the doctors time explaining services and enabling them to give more time to each patient.

Proven Results :

Overall increase in effectiveness and strength of your website, search results and PPC campaigns.
Provides support to your eBlast and social media.
Enhances service page listing results for your local market.
Results gradually build over time.

How it Works

We provide “white hat” SEO services that adhere to Google’s search engine guidelines.

Link building is still the top ranking factor on the web today next to user experience improvements. Getting a link from a reputable blog in your niche can move up rankings for your pages by a few positions and could mean that your blog is shown on page one instead of page two for keywords that your customers use to find you. Link building takes time but is very effective at driving traffic to your web pages. A typical campaign usually takes about 10-50 hours to start bringing in links but once they start coming in your traffic improves by a lot usually.

We include all of these top practices in our offered packages.

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