Medical Pay-Per-Click

PatientSTAT offers an effective pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy that will consistently bring your practice new patients - it’s proven! PPC marketing, done right, can place your targeted advertisement at the top of a search results page. Every time your ad is clicked, it sends a potential patient who is actively seeking out your services, directly to your website. The more visits to your website, the more new patients you will gain. We hyper-focus on the highest earning services in your area, that will result in an immediate increase in sales and profitability.

We accomplish this through having a deep understanding of your industry, the most effective key terms and metrics of the seasons in areas across the country. All of this makes for a winning marketing strategy and one of the fastest marketing tools for return on your investment.

With a decade and a half of experience, we have proven beyond a shadow of doubt, that what we do is very effective. In the medical industry our strategy continues to be unrivaled

What We Include :


  • Ad development, deployment and management
  • Service page information for landing pages for optimal results
  • Monthly metric reporting (business and professional marketing packages only)
  • Billing for CoOp reimbursement (if applicable)

We will only represent one service per local area.


Client / Practice :

The illustration to the right is an actual performance from our client/doctor’s office. They budgeted $1k/mth in Google Pay-Per-Click ads for the months of February and March. As a result, their sales increased $11,000. Following this windfall, the client increased their spend to $2k/mth for the months of April and May, which resulted a total increase of $22,000.

In this illustration, the client is advertising for the service Coolsculpting which is heavily advertised and increases performance. However, all of our clients share similar success and continue to keep this service as a long term patient building strategy.

You start seeing results days after the launch and will take 1 month to optimize performance. Our clients experience 5-10x returns*

*results are based on a properly designed site, business citations, proper SEO and the clients’ ability to handle the leads.

How it Works

What is PPC ?

Pay-Per-Click is a paid advertisement in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) where it is placed at the top, bottom and rarely on the side of the search result. When someone searches for the services you offer, your ad will appear in the results. The ads we place for your business are most often at the top of the search result.

There are a few companies that offer PPC advertising: Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo’s Gemini and YouTube all offer PPC ads. We have used all of these but Google Adwords has proven to be the most effective for this industry at this time.

Your ad is in competition/auction with other advertisers where it’s a blind bidding war to gain top placement of your advertisement. When a potential patient sees your ad and clicks on it, you pay for them to visit your site or simply call your office from the ad.

The beauty of PPC is that you can simply turn up or down your advertising spend amount to accommodate your capacity to grow.

PPC Clients